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e18397e18390e1839be18390e18396-e183aee183a3e183aae18398e183a8e18395e18398e1839ae18398Georgian movie word lost one of its greats today. Georgian people’s artist DoDo Chichinadze died on November 3, morning. The information was announced on Rustavi 2‘s morning program.

Chichinadze was born in Kutaisi on 28-th of December, 1924.  In 1944-1945 she graduated Georgian Film Artists Studio. From 1950 Chichinadze played in Marjanishvili Theatre. In 1960 she became an Honoured Art Worker of Georgia. Chcichinadze also had the title of People’s Artist of Georgia which she got in 1976. On October 2, 2009  A Dodo Chichinadze Star was opened in front of Cinema Rustaveli.

Despite that Chichinadze’s theatrical career, she became famous with her film roles. One of her popular film roles are Nino (Bashi-Achuki), Mzia (Tsiskara), Tina (Chrichina).


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0ccd98fe3465On October, 25-th I heard about this information from Tiny’s blog and got interested whether it was true. Keira Knightley in Georgia seemed to be an absurdity. However it wasn’t.

I checked the sources in the Internet and found that the Hollywood star really was in Georgia in these days. Keira Knightley arrived in Georgia with her boyfriend, Rupert Friend. He’s an actor and plays the leading role in the film about August events 2008.

The news also was put on news agencies’ sites like GHN.GE and Expressnews.ge. The information about the star’s arrival was also posted on Boom.ge and Georgia Times. All of them relate the actress’ visit to Georgia to the movie which is being shot by Renny Harlin, Hollywood director.

I also checked the YouTube and found a video about Keira Knightly’s arrival. This fact means that not only social but even our TV media appeared the attention to  this fact. Here’s the video itself.

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