Surati-3839Students of 50 public schools in Tbilisi are taking part in literary competition arragned by the youth organization Davitianni, under patronage of Georgian Patriarchate. The competition was held in Sameba Cathedral on November, 11.

The participants of the competition are the students from VIII to  XII classes. The 7 themes for literary competition Tergi 2009  was chosen by the Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II. The most popular topics appeared to be: Patriotism, Role of Freedom and The Value of Human Life. “Our life is invaluable, we should appreciate it,” said Ani Gabriadze, one of the participants.

Surati-3838During the competition students were not limited in the  types of writing. Students were chosen in the first part of the competition locally at there schools. The main criterion was their creativity: each student had to present at least 5 of his works. Nominations for the winners are not established yet but, as the organizers say, the works of winner/s of the first 3 places will be published as a book. The manager of Davitianni School Programs, Tamta Chikovani, says: “The main surprise is that winners will meet the Patriarch and get the bless of his holiness.”

The winners of Tergi 2009 will be known on November, 26. The organizers say that in future the competition will cover the whole country.

Sopo Datishvili

Shorena Kopaleishvili

Zura Balanchivadze

Surati-3814NGO Former Political Prisoners for Human rights are going to start protest rally on November 23 if the points of the resolution accepted on November 7, 2009 aren’t taken into the consideration by the government. It was declared on the press conference on November 9.

The resolution, consists of three main issues: Freedom to the political prisoners, Freedom of speech (to restore the right of ownership on the seized TV channels), Free and just environment for any kind of elections.

Surati-3823The representatives have some plans for the rally preparations.The member of the Movement November 7, Jaba Jishkariani said that the society should unite for expressing their firm position towards the injustice in the country. “I convoke all the students to join the protest. Our organization is going to hold meetings with the different university students and in that way we will spread our flanks to the young people”, Jishkariani stated.

The head of the NGO Political Prisoners for Human Rights, Nana Kakabadze stated “Today we are going to take the copies of resolution to the legislative branch and to the president’s office and on Wednesday we will hand the resolution to the EU mission in Georgia, also to the US embassy”.

The lawyer Davit Liluashvili who was also presented at the press conference stated that freedom of speech, political prisoners and unjust court are those problems around which the society should on November 23. He also added that November 7, 2009 street protest was just demonstration of the public demands towards the government, so it didn’t matter how many people stood at the street meeting. Liluashvili and also other representatives of the NGO think that the major massage of the people was already uttered on that demonstration.

Maia Eloshvili, the wife and lawyer of a political prisoner Vakhtang Talakhadze, detained in 2006 as a member of the political association Georgian Movement, says that her husband was sentenced without any reason. “We don’t even ask for the amnesty because my husband wasn’t guilty consequently there is nothing to be pardoned”, Eloshvili added.

Still it isn’t known which political parties will join the initiative of the NGO about November 23 rally.  Nana Kakabadze stated that to her surprise there wasn’t vivid position of the opposition leaders about the idea of the demonstration. “The initiative of the street demonstration comes from us. On Saturday demonstration there were mostly the common citizens then oppositional faces, because we protect their demands and our aim isn’t political positions.  Those who think that our demands towards the government is fair, can join us”, added Kakabadze.

The leader of the People’s Part Koba Davitashvili is among those who is going to attend protest rally on November 23. “Our party will stand with them if the paragraphs from the resolution aren’t taken into consideration by the government. We were with the NGOs on Saturday and we will be there in future as well”, stated Davitashvili on telephone interview.

Sopo Datishvili

Shorena Kopaleishvili

Zura Balanchivadze


Dominoes in Berlin, November 8, 2009

The world recalls one of its important moments – the fall of Berlin Wall, the end of Cold War. Due to this subject anticipation in Berlin grows. Thousands of people are gathered in the area of Brandenburg  Gate to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Berlin Wall’s Fall. Dmitry Medvedev, Gordon Brown and  Nicolas Sarkozy are among the honored guests.

“We wrote to our friends in East Germany saying if it’s true what we are seeing on the television, we invite you to come and see us as soon as possible,” said one Berlin resident. “And a few weeks later they were there and they were surprised themselves that it had happened.” Quoted from EuroNews.

Massive stones are put in Berlin’s streets as giant dominoes that symbolize Berlin War. Domino pieces are original size of the wall and are routed in front of Brandenburg Gate to the Potsdamer Platz. Massive stones, with 2,5 metres in height and 1,200 kg of weight, are bright colored by school children. Most part of the stones will be removed in 2 days. Quoted from People’s Daily Online.

The celebration will end with concert that is dedicated to Berlin Wall anniversary. The main soloist of the concert will be Paul van Dyk, who was born in the former GDR, has composed a song for the event.


End of Berlin Wall November 9, 1989

746px-Shawarma_ad_Istanbul_(01.10.2008)OMG, I don’t know what to think about while thinking only about my final story 😦 …But I hope that Turkish Shawarma in Tbilisi is a good idea. Despite that I love eating shawarma, I try to be suspicious. In Georgia we very often face with hygiene untidiness, food made God knows where, how and by whom, products sold in dirty and untidy places. Unfortunately, shawarma is one of them.

While writing about this delicious food, firstly I’d ask a comment about Georgian Food … the institution which regulates safety and quality of food in Georgia. I’d ask what do they know about shawarma centers. It’s also interesting to know how they control cleanness  in that places. It would be better to know the approximate number of shawarma centers.

Then I’d go to a doctor who would explain what kind of illnesses and toxins a human might gain from bad shawarma. I’d also apply to several hospitals’ statistics to find out the number of patients with same symptoms.

After that I’d go and ask people near shawarma centers to know whether they eat shawarma and how often they do it. I’d also ask if they are sure in their food’s safety.

Finally I’d ask a comment to shawarma sellers. I’d like them to show the whole process of shawarma’s making. From roasting a meat to wrapping it in bread. I’d also find their opinion about bad quality shawarmas and know their opinion where they are being sold.

And after finishing a story, I’m sure I’ll have known at least one place where the real shawarma is made and I’d eat a big one! 😛

evropagunGeorgian group of women chess players got the second place in European Individual Chess Championship 2009 which was held in Novi Sad, Serbia.  

Georgian players succeeded in championship with 16 points, _ official site of Georgian Chess Federation reports. Georgian group succeeded in 9 tours and got 7 points, they also had 2 draw-games. Georgia could not manage to outrun Russian group in individual points score. Players got silver medals. According to chess players Georgian group faced with Russian and took over them. In spite of this, while counting total points, it turned out that Georgia comes after Russia.

Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava met Georgian chess player women and rewarded them with 1500 GEL. The president of Georgian Chess Federation also attended the meeting.

P1210588Tbilisi has a renewed Philharmonic Concert Hall. It was being repaired nearly for a year. On October 20 The Three Tenors charity concert was held by Paata Burchuladze’s fund Iavnana.

While searching a booking-office in a renewed building, I found that it has not changed at all: I was looking for at list a bit more light there. But… the same old wooden walls, casher, even windows were the same. So, the variants of leaving an old booking-office are:

  1. It was such a relic that couldn’t have been even touched
  2. Repair works organizers forgot existence of booking-office
  3. They saved money and used for repairing something else, that is more visible from Melikishvili Ave.
  4. Nobody had thought of booking-office… because it isn’t round-shaped and has no glass walls

Besides this, the whole construction of Philharmonic hasn’t been finished yet. On the picture above it is can bee seen that the right and left sides from the entrance not finished yet. As I found out from the workers soon there will be Café. As for the hall itself, the balcony is as narrow as before. Moreover, the same old and dusty wooden desks cover the internal side of it.

According to this information I would investigate the reconstruction of Philharmonic. I’d interview the chief of the process. I’d like also to show the map of reconstruction. I’d interview the workers and ask about quality of materials. I’d call in the Tbilisi City Hall to find out which company sponsored the reconstruction and what sum was spent for it.

It would be a feature story with the chief constructor as the main figure. I suppose that good focus would be to walk through the building and ask for some details that seem to be not repaired.

pict_20090217PHT49708The president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, signet Lisbon Treaty on November 3. 27-th signature on the document, which leads EU into a new phase of development, will enter into force on 1 December 2009.

According to FRANCE 24 Klaus signed Lisbon Treaty after the Czech Republic’s constitutional court stated that the treaty would not conflict Czech constitution. Before signing the document, a week ago, Klaus drew attention to the treaty’s civil rights character. He wanted to ensure that it would not allow ethnic Germans to force out of the former Czechoslovakia.

The main issues of Lisbon Treaty, which was signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007, is an agreement that involves EU into important reforms such as common European Law, the post of EU president and foreign minister. Long-term negotiations ended successfully to the supporters of a new phase in European Union. Leaders of Germany, UK and other European countries greeted the Czech Republic’s decision as a big success. EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana also supported this fact.

“This treaty re-forces our capacity to act, not only gives the democratic accountability to the European Union,  but also more official decision of making process and also a capacity to work globally in a more cue-rent way”, commented the European Commission Chief José Manuel Barroso.