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Dominoes in Berlin, November 8, 2009

The world recalls one of its important moments – the fall of Berlin Wall, the end of Cold War. Due to this subject anticipation in Berlin grows. Thousands of people are gathered in the area of Brandenburg  Gate to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Berlin Wall’s Fall. Dmitry Medvedev, Gordon Brown and  Nicolas Sarkozy are among the honored guests.

“We wrote to our friends in East Germany saying if it’s true what we are seeing on the television, we invite you to come and see us as soon as possible,” said one Berlin resident. “And a few weeks later they were there and they were surprised themselves that it had happened.” Quoted from EuroNews.

Massive stones are put in Berlin’s streets as giant dominoes that symbolize Berlin War. Domino pieces are original size of the wall and are routed in front of Brandenburg Gate to the Potsdamer Platz. Massive stones, with 2,5 metres in height and 1,200 kg of weight, are bright colored by school children. Most part of the stones will be removed in 2 days. Quoted from People’s Daily Online.

The celebration will end with concert that is dedicated to Berlin Wall anniversary. The main soloist of the concert will be Paul van Dyk, who was born in the former GDR, has composed a song for the event.


End of Berlin Wall November 9, 1989

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