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geostarThis idea came to me several months ago. Two weeks ago I read Sweety‘s blog about the same theme and a story idea came. The main figure of the story will be Marina Beridze – the producer of Geostar. She is responsible for fellow singers to become stars and to have a chance to show their talent abroad. However, it doesn’t happen. I haven’t seen any Geostar had ever became a star. Have you?

So, firstly I’d find outa document about  Beridze’s real duties towards Geostars. Then I’d interview older Geostars and find where and how they work, what else did Beridze do to them. Then I’d interview Beridse herself. I’d let her talk about the past Geostars and then ask how she helps them to stay on Georgian professional singers’ stage.

I’d be a good story – I suppose. The fact is now I have to sleep and make my ideas concentrate on other things.

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