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The first source which informed me about Internet’s 40-th anniversary was Google News. After that on National Geographic official website I came across to the article about the stages of Internet’s development.

On October 29-th, 1969, the first message was sent from one computer to another. Modern network, that changed the world was developed  ARPANET. This was the first network  which connected just four computers of U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency. The era that followed this fact is now  called the Internet.

Leonard Kleinrock and Douglas Engelbart were the first engineers who worked in their laboratories and created the first web. On the picture above Kleinrock is shown with his invention-machine which is now 40 years old. The source of this information is Laughing Squid.

On National Geographic official website I found a quote that describes today approach to the Internet:

Everyone surfing for last-minute Halloween costumes and pictures of black Lolcats today—what you might call the 40th anniversary of the Internet—can give thanks to the simple network message that started it all: “lo.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any kind of information related to this news, even in the Georgian blogsphere. So I suppose I’ll be the first to have written about Internet’s anniversary.

On this link  National Geographic video can be found about Internet’s development.

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