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Mereab Berdzenishvili’s Memorial of Glory in Kutaisi was exploded on December, 19 by the city government to built on that area house of parlament. Two people were killed in the accident caused by the improper explosion of the construction. Stones and pieces of the monument were thrown for hundreds of meters and injured the citizens living nearby. 11-year-old Nino Jincharadze died was taken to children hospital but the doctors were unable to save her life. Her mother, Eka Jincharadze, also died in the accident.

Due to this fact  Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili interrupted his visit in Denmark and returned in the country. On the same day the Governor of Imereti Mikhail Chogovadze was dismissed from his position. The inquiry started to find those who are guilty in the bad explosion of the monument. Officials say that every guilty person will be punished.

The photos below are from Merab Berdzenishvili art album.


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