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Mereab Berdzenishvili’s Memorial of Glory in Kutaisi was exploded on December, 19 by the city government to built on that area house of parlament. Two people were killed in the accident caused by the improper explosion of the construction. Stones and pieces of the monument were thrown for hundreds of meters and injured the citizens living nearby. 11-year-old Nino Jincharadze died was taken to children hospital but the doctors were unable to save her life. Her mother, Eka Jincharadze, also died in the accident.

Due to this fact  Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili interrupted his visit in Denmark and returned in the country. On the same day the Governor of Imereti Mikhail Chogovadze was dismissed from his position. The inquiry started to find those who are guilty in the bad explosion of the monument. Officials say that every guilty person will be punished.

The photos below are from Merab Berdzenishvili art album.


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e18397e18390e1839be18390e18396-e183aee183a3e183aae18398e183a8e18395e18398e1839ae18398Georgian movie word lost one of its greats today. Georgian people’s artist DoDo Chichinadze died on November 3, morning. The information was announced on Rustavi 2‘s morning program.

Chichinadze was born in Kutaisi on 28-th of December, 1924.  In 1944-1945 she graduated Georgian Film Artists Studio. From 1950 Chichinadze played in Marjanishvili Theatre. In 1960 she became an Honoured Art Worker of Georgia. Chcichinadze also had the title of People’s Artist of Georgia which she got in 1976. On October 2, 2009  A Dodo Chichinadze Star was opened in front of Cinema Rustaveli.

Despite that Chichinadze’s theatrical career, she became famous with her film roles. One of her popular film roles are Nino (Bashi-Achuki), Mzia (Tsiskara), Tina (Chrichina).

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449px-SighnaghiThis time I want to draw my attention to the cities that have or are being reconstructed by the government of Georgia. My main target is to know the quality of that job, which was spent for reconstructing buildings, streets, parks, etc.

For example, there are some problems with a new pavement in Kutaisi. The stones appear not-machined well so they prevent pedestrians from walking on that area. Nearly the same situation can be found in Sighnaghi. Some houses have not been repaired but repainted from front. I have no information about Batumi yet.

I’d like to ask several questions to people, who live in reconstructed cities: whether they are contented with their new-repaired houses.

It would be also interesting to know from the building staff how they work on new projects.

At last, the main point: How does the government organize the reconstructing projects. I’d interview the coordinator of city reconstructing projects and get the info about their work. The main aspects would be the deadlines of work and the quality of work.

This is a huge theme to discuss as it might become a big material. In this post I tried to be brief and to show the main points of my story idea.

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