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449px-SighnaghiThis time I want to draw my attention to the cities that have or are being reconstructed by the government of Georgia. My main target is to know the quality of that job, which was spent for reconstructing buildings, streets, parks, etc.

For example, there are some problems with a new pavement in Kutaisi. The stones appear not-machined well so they prevent pedestrians from walking on that area. Nearly the same situation can be found in Sighnaghi. Some houses have not been repaired but repainted from front. I have no information about Batumi yet.

I’d like to ask several questions to people, who live in reconstructed cities: whether they are contented with their new-repaired houses.

It would be also interesting to know from the building staff how they work on new projects.

At last, the main point: How does the government organize the reconstructing projects. I’d interview the coordinator of city reconstructing projects and get the info about their work. The main aspects would be the deadlines of work and the quality of work.

This is a huge theme to discuss as it might become a big material. In this post I tried to be brief and to show the main points of my story idea.

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