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P1210588Tbilisi has a renewed Philharmonic Concert Hall. It was being repaired nearly for a year. On October 20 The Three Tenors charity concert was held by Paata Burchuladze’s fund Iavnana.

While searching a booking-office in a renewed building, I found that it has not changed at all: I was looking for at list a bit more light there. But… the same old wooden walls, casher, even windows were the same. So, the variants of leaving an old booking-office are:

  1. It was such a relic that couldn’t have been even touched
  2. Repair works organizers forgot existence of booking-office
  3. They saved money and used for repairing something else, that is more visible from Melikishvili Ave.
  4. Nobody had thought of booking-office… because it isn’t round-shaped and has no glass walls

Besides this, the whole construction of Philharmonic hasn’t been finished yet. On the picture above it is can bee seen that the right and left sides from the entrance not finished yet. As I found out from the workers soon there will be Café. As for the hall itself, the balcony is as narrow as before. Moreover, the same old and dusty wooden desks cover the internal side of it.

According to this information I would investigate the reconstruction of Philharmonic. I’d interview the chief of the process. I’d like also to show the map of reconstruction. I’d interview the workers and ask about quality of materials. I’d call in the Tbilisi City Hall to find out which company sponsored the reconstruction and what sum was spent for it.

It would be a feature story with the chief constructor as the main figure. I suppose that good focus would be to walk through the building and ask for some details that seem to be not repaired.

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