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Surati-3814NGO Former Political Prisoners for Human rights are going to start protest rally on November 23 if the points of the resolution accepted on November 7, 2009 aren’t taken into the consideration by the government. It was declared on the press conference on November 9.

The resolution, consists of three main issues: Freedom to the political prisoners, Freedom of speech (to restore the right of ownership on the seized TV channels), Free and just environment for any kind of elections.

Surati-3823The representatives have some plans for the rally preparations.The member of the Movement November 7, Jaba Jishkariani said that the society should unite for expressing their firm position towards the injustice in the country. “I convoke all the students to join the protest. Our organization is going to hold meetings with the different university students and in that way we will spread our flanks to the young people”, Jishkariani stated.

The head of the NGO Political Prisoners for Human Rights, Nana Kakabadze stated “Today we are going to take the copies of resolution to the legislative branch and to the president’s office and on Wednesday we will hand the resolution to the EU mission in Georgia, also to the US embassy”.

The lawyer Davit Liluashvili who was also presented at the press conference stated that freedom of speech, political prisoners and unjust court are those problems around which the society should on November 23. He also added that November 7, 2009 street protest was just demonstration of the public demands towards the government, so it didn’t matter how many people stood at the street meeting. Liluashvili and also other representatives of the NGO think that the major massage of the people was already uttered on that demonstration.

Maia Eloshvili, the wife and lawyer of a political prisoner Vakhtang Talakhadze, detained in 2006 as a member of the political association Georgian Movement, says that her husband was sentenced without any reason. “We don’t even ask for the amnesty because my husband wasn’t guilty consequently there is nothing to be pardoned”, Eloshvili added.

Still it isn’t known which political parties will join the initiative of the NGO about November 23 rally.  Nana Kakabadze stated that to her surprise there wasn’t vivid position of the opposition leaders about the idea of the demonstration. “The initiative of the street demonstration comes from us. On Saturday demonstration there were mostly the common citizens then oppositional faces, because we protect their demands and our aim isn’t political positions.  Those who think that our demands towards the government is fair, can join us”, added Kakabadze.

The leader of the People’s Part Koba Davitashvili is among those who is going to attend protest rally on November 23. “Our party will stand with them if the paragraphs from the resolution aren’t taken into consideration by the government. We were with the NGOs on Saturday and we will be there in future as well”, stated Davitashvili on telephone interview.

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