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Image(593)My first story idea is about plastic recycle bins in Tbilisi. The problem is that they are often burnt. It’s partly because of some citizens who don’t put out the cigarettes while dropping them into the bins. There could also be other reasons for fire in recycle bins but the fact is that for next day the bin is totally vanished.

For this material I’d contact to Tbilisi Clean Service and ask the responsible person to comment the fact mentioned above. The main interest is – how correct idea was to replace iron bins with plastic ones.

The second person I’d interview would be yard-keepers who are in touch with plastic recycle bins. It’s interesting to know how comfortable is to work with  plastic bins.

The third part of the story would be citizens who smoke. Firstly, I’d know how often they use recycle bins for throwing cigarettes there. Secondly, I’d ask if they put up the cigarettes before throwing them into recycle bins. After that I’d find out what they know about plastic recycle bins, are they safer than iron ones or not.

BTW I’d ask this to the person from Tbilisi Clean Service and the yard-keeper as well. It is needed for some background information.

That’s a brief idea about the story about plastic recycle bins in Tbilisi.

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