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746px-Shawarma_ad_Istanbul_(01.10.2008)OMG, I don’t know what to think about while thinking only about my final story 😦 …But I hope that Turkish Shawarma in Tbilisi is a good idea. Despite that I love eating shawarma, I try to be suspicious. In Georgia we very often face with hygiene untidiness, food made God knows where, how and by whom, products sold in dirty and untidy places. Unfortunately, shawarma is one of them.

While writing about this delicious food, firstly I’d ask a comment about Georgian Food … the institution which regulates safety and quality of food in Georgia. I’d ask what do they know about shawarma centers. It’s also interesting to know how they control cleanness  in that places. It would be better to know the approximate number of shawarma centers.

Then I’d go to a doctor who would explain what kind of illnesses and toxins a human might gain from bad shawarma. I’d also apply to several hospitals’ statistics to find out the number of patients with same symptoms.

After that I’d go and ask people near shawarma centers to know whether they eat shawarma and how often they do it. I’d also ask if they are sure in their food’s safety.

Finally I’d ask a comment to shawarma sellers. I’d like them to show the whole process of shawarma’s making. From roasting a meat to wrapping it in bread. I’d also find their opinion about bad quality shawarmas and know their opinion where they are being sold.

And after finishing a story, I’m sure I’ll have known at least one place where the real shawarma is made and I’d eat a big one! 😛

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