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odnoklassniki Let’s say that most my friends around use social media. In my mind they are divided infacebook two groups: Odnoklassniki and Facebook. I have to communicate with them on both sites. However I prefer Facebook… because it’s another theme tu discuss ๐Ÿ˜‰ This story idea came to me due to my interest in Facebook.

The question is why people use Odnoklassniki or Facebook? Both sites have different styles, different aims and different types of users. The bold red text could be a general question and I’m going to ask it those who observes Georgian part of the social media. It might be Ia Antadze or somebody else. I’ll interview the frequent users of both sites and find out:

  • why it’s interesting
  • if it satisfies his/her interests
  • if he/she thinks that one day he/she might find “beloved” social media useless, why

It would also be interesting to know the opinions of the users who have both Odnoklassniki and Facebook account. Firstly, I’d like to know why do they have both of them. Secondly, which one do they prefer? Thirdly, if they try to convince their friends to register in one social media (Ondoklassniki or Facebook)?

At last, the advertisers can be also interviewed. It’s interesting to know, which site is prominent for them.

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