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Surati-3839Students of 50 public schools in Tbilisi are taking part in literary competition arragned by the youth organization Davitianni, under patronage of Georgian Patriarchate. The competition was held in Sameba Cathedral on November, 11.

The participants of the competition are the students from VIII to  XII classes. The 7 themes for literary competition Tergi 2009  was chosen by the Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II. The most popular topics appeared to be: Patriotism, Role of Freedom and The Value of Human Life. “Our life is invaluable, we should appreciate it,” said Ani Gabriadze, one of the participants.

Surati-3838During the competition students were not limited in the  types of writing. Students were chosen in the first part of the competition locally at there schools. The main criterion was their creativity: each student had to present at least 5 of his works. Nominations for the winners are not established yet but, as the organizers say, the works of winner/s of the first 3 places will be published as a book. The manager of Davitianni School Programs, Tamta Chikovani, says: “The main surprise is that winners will meet the Patriarch and get the bless of his holiness.”

The winners of Tergi 2009 will be known on November, 26. The organizers say that in future the competition will cover the whole country.

Sopo Datishvili

Shorena Kopaleishvili

Zura Balanchivadze

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